The Best Tea (Cha) Contributed (Gong) to Emperor

Gong Cha The best tea contributed to the king from all possessions in the ancient time. 'Gong cha' means we take customers as 'Emperor', and only provide them the best service and products. Establishing in 1997, 'Gong cha' global platform with approximately 1,500 stores in over 20 territories worldwide. Gong cha has been enjoying its reputation in the market, as No.1 tea franchise brand with the inspired tea product.


Gong cha selects the premium tea leaves and other high-quality ingredients

Golden Rules

Experienced Tea Master carefully infuse the tea indifferent temperatures and golden ratios.


Instead of being locked into stereotypes, we keep trying to find new ingredients to create endless new flavors.

Core Values

Gong cha' Maintaining its Stabilized Operation to Deliver the Core Values for Customers!

Gong Cha insist to use the best tea leaves and ingredients and maintain the highest quality of products. The safety of the products is the first concern. And after that, we will take care of the taste of the products.

Gong Cha provides quality products and outstanding service to achieve customer satisfaction.

The priority is to insist the quality of products and maintain the management of stores. After that, exploding more market in the world.

Global Footprints