The milestone of Gong cha


Foundation (1997 – 2005)

Successful launch of independent bubble  tea brand that later became Gong cha

** Founders of Gong cha launched an independent bubble tea brand in 1997

** Founders of Gong cha grew the  independent bubble tea brand from a  single store to 75 stores in Taiwan, which  became the foundation of Gong cha

Became an Asian Regional  Operator (2006 – 2011)

Successful roll-out of stores in Taiwan and  other parts of Asia

** Founded RTTin Taiwan in 2006

** Expended in Hong Kong, China, Singapore,  Macau, Malaysia, Philippines

Global Expansion (2012 – )

Growth momentum in East Asia, North  America and Oceania

** Korea’s firststore opened in Hong-Ik Univ.  inApril 2012.

** Expended In Australia, Indonesia,  Thailand,California, Brunei, New York,  OntarioCanada, Vietnam, New Zealand,  Myanmar,Japan, Alberta Canada,British Columbia Canada, Princess Cruises